Monday, December 19, 2011

Gallery of my recent Christmas Cards as well as some others!


I wanted to show off a few cards I have made the past few weeks!  
I would first like to say that 50% are cased, 
(which means I liked someone else's card and tried to make my version) 

Elf Decking the Halls by Kristi Ferrand

Merry Kiss-Mas by Kristi Ferrand

Let It Snow - pretty sure it was cased, not sure who.... 

Joy & Cheer - by Kristi Ferrand, but I knew several people same sort of set up too!

Sweet Christmas Wishes - Cased from Paper Crafts Mag

{friend to friend} - Cased from Maile Bells (i think)

Wild Zebra - any occasion - by Kristi Ferrand

CupCake Birthday - by Kristi Ferrand

Welcome Baby - cased from someone on the PTI Forum

Colorful Happy Birthday - cased from another gal on the PTI Forum

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