Saturday, February 26, 2011

This takes the cake....literally!

So this is the 2nd year we have participated in the Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. 
 For us, we get together and the boys make/design cakes that are auctioned off to raise money for their troop!  We had a really good turnout and some really creative ideas.  
I wanted to share what my son Braden did for his cake (with the help of mom of course) and maybe step by step instructions for anyone else who wants to try it!  
It's super easy, and did not take more than an hour.

First our inspiration: 
I had saw this idea earlier and made for a party, I just thought it looked fun.
So when the B&G Banquet came around I threw this idea around to my son to use this idea and make it into a fort.  He was down with the thought!

So we went shopping for the supplies:
We wanted it to be bigger than the one pictured, so we purchase extra cakes & pirouette cookies!

Play-by-play action:
First I took a large cake cardboard bas and spread "mud" a.k.a. chocolate icing around 
to help "hold the fort down" (ha ha ha)

While I was doing this messy step, my son Braden was busy smashing the "dirt" to go around the base of the fort (aka Chocolate Graham Crackers)

Next we took the 3 Chocolate Cakes and placed them strategically on the "mud

(Braden being funny with the rolling pin)

Normally, you would let these cakes thaw out and then just push the stick cookies into the side of the cake, but I wanted to have a little bit more security since this was being transported to the location and from the location of the event.  So once again, I used chocolate icing and spread it around the outer walls of our "fort"
See all the chocolate, oh yeah, that's not good for you!

Moving on.........

Next it was time to cut the cookies in 1/2 for the lower layer, I had to keep one package long for the taller portion of the fort.

Now, time for the walls to go up!  Just press the cookies into the icing...
be careful though... those cookies are FRAJ-JILLY!  
Continue to add them all around to cover your fort completely!

After your walls are up, sprinkle your "dirt" into the "mud", then lightly press to get it to stay put a little better!
Also, any leftover pirouette cookies, can be eaten or crushed or both.  The crushed up pieces were placed on the top of the fort!

Then finally, if you want add your decor.  I cut a door out of black card stock.  You could also add some Cowboys & Indians, or if you are like us, add you "MEDIEVAL MEN"
7950 Lego Kingdoms Knights Showdown


Braden got an award for Most Original Design!
SWEET!  Literally!
His cake was auctioned off for $27.00 that night!


  1. What a great cake. Love that Braden helped with being so creative. You are a great Mom. Congrats to you both!

    ~ Mimi ~

  2. Impressive! And, yes, you are a great mom! Good job! I can't believe you did all of this with three kids PLUS a newborn! Sheesh!

    Pam :)


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